We materialize ideas

We design and develop our customers’ ideas, all Made in Italy. We work closely with
designers and lighting designers and offer a number of services, from the initial
concept to design completion, paying painstaking attention to LED lighting of hotels,
shops, shopping malls, banks, airports, offices, public and private structures, by
checking design through to shipment. Our lighting system offers hands-on, exciting
leading-edge solutions for all premises, allowing architects and designers to conceive
and create a dynamic ambience, setting aside the static lighting concept of the
past, devising and designing any type of arrangement of lighting points in strategic,
functional positions, exactly where lighting is needed.

A bright future for LED

Every day we are busy with testing, researching and developing together with
world leaders in different areas, to ensure product excellence. We manufacture our
products by using highly-selected materials, conceived to last through time and to
be fully recyclable. We have chosen LED technology in order to offer our customers
more effective lighting solutions that need easy maintenance:
• no maintenance costs and an average life of 70,000 hours;
• compact design and flexible installation;
• tough design for higher shock-proof characteristics;
• cold switch-on and constant lighting through time.

Let’s highlight reliability

Certificates increase the value of the work carried out and build confidence and reliability.
We have submitted our products to conformity assessment procedures and
obtained an EC mark.

Testing of and special tests on Light Soul and Geometrika Series
flush -mounted lighting fixtures

• EN60598-1:2008
• A11:2009
• EN60598-2-2:2012
• EN62031:2006
• EN62471:2008
• IEC/TR62471-2:2009

Testing of and special tests on Light Soul and Geometrika Series
flush -mounted lighting fixtures

• EN60598-1:2008
• A11:2009
• EN60598-2-1:1989
• EN62031:2006
• EN62471:2008
• IEC/TR 62471-2:2009
Testing of and special tests on Light Soul and Geometrika Series
flush -mounted lighting fixtures

Investing in the most important project: our future

We pursue eco-sustainable polices with a reduced environmental impact, in compliance
with the relevant regulations in force while undertaking to combine quality,
innovation and top satisfaction of customers and due consideration for the environment.
Every day we pay attention to energy saving and consumption, and to refuse
and production waste disposal, primarily resorting to local suppliers which allow
“direct sale” with due consideration for the environment. Higher technology means
lower environmental impact:
• reduced CO2 emissions and no mercury;
• minimum heat production over traditional lighting fixtures;
• light beam control (light only where required);
• clean light because of no IR and UV (Infrared and Ultraviolet) radiation;
• safety operation because of low voltage.

Light applications

A suitable lighting installation helps optimizing working conditions, improving
commitment, preventing early weariness and industrial injuries, while increasing
staff efficiency, willingness and well-being.

Lighting enhances presentation and quality of a brand and of goods in all business
sectors. A sense of the choices and well-being have an impact on a customer’s behaviour;
good lighting turns a buy into delight and supports a dealer’s economic
success. It enhances the architecture of the premises, favours approach to products,
gives information about size and materials, focuses attention onto the details.

Shopping malls need effective lighting to enhance sales points and turn shopping
into a pleasant activity. They are converted into excitement places, where customers
are entertained and receive messages from the surrounding environment.

The premises are lit in a cozy, homy and people-friendly way; relaxing and likewise
exciting environments that make people feel comfortable and turn a customer’s visit
into a memorable event.

Although you may just pass through transit or waiting areas in airports, subways,
railway stations, ports, etc., a higher quality is required for tourists or businesspersons.

Medical centres have multiple requirements; solutions that suit both patients and
doctors have to be found so that they are in tune with each other. Our solutions
do not cause disturbing glares and reflections but create ambience. Hospitals and
clinics actually require long-life and cost-effective lighting installations with short
payback periods and reduced operating costs.